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Player (nickname, handle): Zippy

Player's main LJ journal: [livejournal.com profile] glassfishgirl

Email: glassfishnet@hotmail.com

Character Name: Scorch / Aubrey Sparks

New character LJ journal: [livejournal.com profile] mindinferno

Base of Operations:To start, STAR Labs on East Coast. Flexible after that.

Please explain further your reasons for applying for this character.:

Scorch is sort of being picked up on a whim, but I think it's a good whim.

I liked her character a lot from the first time I read about her in the Reign of Fire JLA plot and I think there are plenty of interesting directions to take her in. I like her origins as someone normal who was changed into someone with powers without her really wanting or asking for it. Her life was turned upside down and she's had to pace herself through it dealing with new powers, mental damage from her change, and a total upheaval of her day to day life by proxy.

I'd like to bring her back from the point of her coma after the Fernus incident - five years in the deepest sleep is a long long time. It leaves me room to play with her relationship with J'onn, such as it may be after so much time and trauma, and with the idea of her becoming a hero. In her original canon she was offered a place in the JLA and declined it and I'd like to explore what would have happened if she'd accepted, either with the JLA or more likely with another team (Michelle suggested maybe the Elites).

I'd like to delve into her transformation from villain, to powered civilian with no affiliations, to hero. I'd be really interested in her interacting with the Joker as a villian at some point down the line because oh boy grudgematch. Having her encounter some of the weirder villians too, like codpiece, would also be hilarious. =D

I'd be intending to play her as a secondary character, but I may upgrade her to primary one if she gets involved with a lot of stuff.

Sample Post:

A person didn't acquire very many things when they didn't get out of bed for five years. She had been given socks, underthings, a few dresses that were anything but what she would pick for herself - shapeless, ugly, and homely - and a small bag of toiletries that she would only be using if she couldn't find a Walgreens with a better shampoo selection within the next 24 hours.

Packing it all up took a total of about five minutes.

Aubrey wasn't sure if that made her more relieved or more upset.

She'd lost a bit of weight, her muscle tone was gone to shit from being prone so long, but those things aside looking at herself in the mirror there wasn't much of an outward change. Her face held her youth better now than before she'd been given her powers, that much she knew, but she FELT weary in a way that only age brought - eyes dark with the sort of depression that came with loss. She hadn't felt so aged since the reality of turning thirty had hit her like a ton of bricks (a change which she had set about accepting with a tub of ice cream and some serious consideration to investing in botox).

It hadn't sunk in properly that five years had slid by her. She was still absorbing the fact that Bush was no longer in office, forget that her home, her things, had all had to be packed up and stored, some of them sold. Her house wasn't her house anymore. Her life wasn't her life anymore.

Truthfully she wasn't even sure where she would go when she walked out the front doors.

It had crossed her mind to call him at least a dozen times, but each time she stopped short, crippled by emnbarassment, absurdity... fear. J'onn had been at her back when no one else had, but that was then and this was now and between the two stretched a few short days of terror and years of sudden silence. 

She zipped closed the little suitcase the nurses had brought her, patted her hands on top of it for a moment as it to be sure it was shut even though she'd heard the little click of the latch with her own ears.

Grasping the handle she pulled it off the bed and carried it to the door. At least some things didn't change. Then and now, there was nothing gained by looking back.


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